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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lush Haul & Review

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a long awaited Lush haul. These are all the products I received on my birthday; only about 5 don't belong on the b-day gifts, they were given to me just as a present. Also, some little ones are samples and I forgot to add here 2 products (cupcake mask, father Christmas bath bomb). I already had the opportunity to try some of the products so I'll try my best to describe them. Enjoy! (:

Let's start with the shower gels! All of them leave the same sensation: squeaky clean, even without exfoliating, which I find amazing. They are all the same in my opinion, only with different ingredients and scents. Also, all of these are Christmas exclusive, so unless they make them permanent, they're only here around this time. (Worth all of them though!)

So White smells like really fresh cut green apples. Goes well at any time of the year, love it!

Snow Fairy is my personal favorite! It smells like a really sweet sweet candy, with a strawberry fake scent touch. It also has some gorgeous highlights has you can see. For those worried about the glitter staying on the skin, don't; This glitter does not stay, it just dissolves in the shower. I know this one comes back every year around this time, but I don't know about the others, so you might want to check that out.

Hot Toddy smells like someone is baking cinnamon cookies, just, spot on! Even that warmth of the oven - you can smell/feel that. Definitely my second favorite and great for cold weather. Just like Snow Fairy, Hot Toddy's glitter disappears.

Now with onto some bath stuff! This is "The Melting Snowman”. It's a bath melt, so no bubbles but it's full of goodness for your skin. It has a light cinnamon smell, very christmassy.

This is Candy Mountain and it's a bubble bar that you crumble into the running water and it has bubbles, lots of them! It smells sweet, like cotton candy; It's the same smell of their soap, Rock Star. It's not like Snow Fairy though I find them really different. Candy Mountain is sweet but on a perfume kind of scent, while Snow Fairy is sweet on a candy level, it's smells like a strawberry hard candy would taste like; Hope I expressed myself well ahaha; I'm trying my best to describe the scents.

Onto some soaps!Now this guys, it's only the best smelling thing on Lush. It's a soap (body&hands) and it's called Yog Nog. It's out of this world, seriously! I'm not ashamed to say that I actually touched it with my tongue, because this thing smells like a freaking desert - a cinnamon, cocoa, creamy, fudgy spicy desert! You need to smell to really understand what I'm talking about! And just like the shower gels, the hand&body soaps also leave the body squeaky clean and make a lot of foam!
These are Fairy Ring (left and was a sample) and Reindeer Rock. Fairy Ring smells like a musky jasmine, really really nice. The Reindeer Rock's scent is sweet, but not overly sweet. Because of it's color and being all christmassy, I was expecting a warm musky scent, but it's actually fruity sweet; To be more exact, berry sweet.
 The little green one down there it's a sample called Baked Alaka. I have to get this on a normal sized bar, because it smells amazing; It's straight up like lemons! It's really strong and fresh. I also got D'Fluff for shaving and it ladders really nicely; Smells like fresh strawberries, its texture is just like marshmallow fluff and you don't have to use too much, because just like I said, it ladders pretty good so a little goes a long way. Next I got Dark Angels; I only use it on my face but let me tell you that I already love this product. It's exfoliating and it's great for really oily skin like mine. Give it a try!

Also got some lip scrubs. Bubblegum and Popcorn "flavors". I say flavors because after exfoliating them, you can lick the rest of the sugar, it's made with natural ingredients, all eatable. Just don't eat the whole pot ahah! On the left, that little cube is also a soap sample; It's called Snowcake and it smells like sweet almond and the little bitterness of the marzipan.

This is Snowfairy Sparkle and it's a massage bar that you can use has a body "lotion". Smells just like the Snow Fairy gel (reason why I bought it) with a touch of white chocolate. This one has glitter inside and it stays, obviously. (:

Butterbear is a bath bomb, so it fizzes. Smells like warm vanilla.

And last but definitely not least, another bath bomb. It's called Luxury Lush Pud. Smells sweet and christmassy! It's my favorite bomb smell until now!

Hope you enjoyed the haul, and if you have any questions feel free to ask! Also if you bought any Lush stuff and made a post, let me know! I love reading stuff like that. (:



  1. lovely post!

  2. Oh my gosh, that snowman might even be too cute to use! I really need to go to lush soon, their Christmas stuff looks amazing (:

    I love the lip scrubs, I have the chocolate or vanilla one, I can't remember but they make your lips sooo smooth!!

    1. It is amazing! The shower gels and soaps are the best for sure. x

  3. thats a massive haul and a quite great one too!
    The snowman is way too cute to use it! :)
    xoxo Colli || my Blog - TOBEYOUTIFUL || Bloglovin

  4. I absolutely love Lush and that snowman looks so cute!


  5. Hey, beautiful blog and I'm following on Bloglovin! Amazing haul! The 'melting snowman' is adorable. I need to get myself to Lush to check out some of their Christmas collection! x


  6. I want to try them so bad! :o xx


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  8. Omg after reading your post I really do need to hit the stores

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