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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Body Shop - Glazed Apple Boddy Butter / Christmas Limited Edition.

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post, I've been a little bit lazy and forgot to edit this one, but I'll try and be more regular as I was before! Well, it's finally feeling a lot like Christmas now. Freezing cold, street decorations/lights, shopping adds for you to buy and kill your wallet, you know, the usual! So I thought I'd show you my latest addition to my body butter collection. My boyfriend was sweet enough to give it to me as a surprise gift and I couldn't be more excited. I don't know if I ever mention, but Body Shop is my favorite shop to buy body/face moisturizers. My personal favorite product it's the body butter, and when they do their special editions, it's always a must for me!  

This year they brought 2 scents of the last year Christmas edition with a little change and a brand new scent. The ones they brought were the Frosted Cranberry (last year being Cranberry Joy) and Vanilla Brulee (last year being Vanilla Bliss). This year I do plan on at least getting the Vanilla Brulee (I would also get the cranberry one, but I already have last year's body butter, so I think it would be a waist, although this year's cranberry is a LOT better; Much sweeter, while the one I have has a hint of sour) Together with these two last year, they had the Ginger Sparkle scent which was the one that I got with the Cranberry Joy. Because the Ginger Sparkle was limited edition, this year it didn't came back; Instead, they made a new scent this year - Glazed Apple!

It just smells like straight sweet apples, that's it. Hydration wise it's as amazing as any body butter from Body Shop, and that's why I love theirs more than any body butter in the world. The skin just feels like pure silk.

Their body butters have different consistencies, so the more thick, the more soft your skin is going to get. I personally prefer to use these in the summer; Because I go to the beach almost everyday, I want to put something on my skin that will hydrate and maintain my tan. Where I get my tan has a lot of iodine, which makes the tan a lot stronger and long lasting than most of the places, but I assure you that if you use one of these bad boys (no matter what consistency) it will make your tan last a lot more and always let your skin feeling amazing. Now, because they are to really hydrate your skin, they are thick and normally a little bit hard to put just like you would put your normal liquid moisturizer. I recommend using while you just got out of the shower when your skin is still wet. I've always done that and I also use lot less product because it glides much better that if my skin was dry. Other than that, I don't see any cons with this product.

There babies are my holy grail, and when they come out with new scents, I'm already there! This new packaging is adorable! Really christmassy! Also, I'm pretty sure Glazed Apple is a limited edition just like Ginger Sparkle was, so I don't think it's going to come back anytime soon, if it even is.
And you guys? Do you have any holy grail moisturizers? 
I have a few more skin care products for the face from Body Shop, specialized on really really oily skin. If you would like me to make a post about it, I would be more than happy to do so! I know there's a lot of people (just like me) who have extremely oily skin, so if you're interested, I can share my life saviors! 

Hope you liked it, and have a nice week!


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  2. Mm that body butter sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing your opinions on it!


  3. It sounds amazing! Great post!



  4. I smelt this in the shop the other day, it was amazing!! Great post, I've followed you on bloglovin, would really appreciate it if you went over to my blog and did the same??xxx


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  6. I will definitely try this. I feel very christmassy talking about glazed body apple butter!
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    1. I love Christmas themed stuff, specially if it's something like this! x

  7. My holy grail moisturizer is Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion w/Shea Butter--it's nothing fancy, but it moisturizes like no other!
    from It's Really Rosie

    1. Shea butter is great and soothing on the skin; Great combo! x

  8. This looks great! I love The Body Shop!

  9. Eek! I need to go smell this!
    It looks absolutely wonderful!


  10. Your photos are so gorgeous! I absolutely love the lighting you used.
    I've used Body Shop moisturisers for years now and they never let me down! I specially love their coconut scented products :)
    x The Caramel Cat

    1. Oh I have the mini body butter and it smells so delicious!
      Thank you! x

  11. Sounds like a fab product!

    Made in Mauve

  12. I love how you take pictures!! :) It looks so pretty :3
    <3 Katie

  13. Really nice Inspirations

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  14. This looks amazing, I had no idea!
    The bottle is beautiful , I have to try it:))

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  15. lovely post


  16. This looks so good! I think I need to give it a try ;)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  17. It looks great! I want to try it. ;)
    Great blog!

  18. Body shop has always great products


  19. Love this post. Seems like a great product. Need to try it.

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  20. This body butter looks soo creamy and rich, bet it nourishes well!
    Body Shops has some really great products, love them!

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  22. Body shop is a brand very afforable and functional. Love it.

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  23. Body shop a very good quality brand!
    Love this post :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo


  24. I love The Body Shop body butters! I haven't seen this one yet!

    She Likes to Shop